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September 10, 2014

Over the years we have learned that our clients are the best source of information when it comes to practical use of the dolls. We greatly appreciate the time and effort they extend to show each other  and us the way they use our products. So with that, we felt that the following two links really show the inserts of the Sinthetics, and how to use them, especially well.

In this thread, a new doll owner asks about using his doll. Long-time doll owner and enthusiast Mahtek, gives outstanding explanations on how to get the insert into the body. See the whole thread here:

His comments include:
“One thing that you may try it to lube up both the outside of the Honeypot and the inside of the cavity, then as you’re about to slide the Honeypot in, press down on her belly to collapse the cavity and drive the air out, releasing pressure slowly as you slide the insert into place.
You’ll never get it all of the way in, unless you can let the air out.
I hope this helps.
Mahtek & his Ladies”

Thanks to Briko for this thread which includes very good photos of the insert, including a shot of the inside texture:

PRO TIP: Use hand sanitizer gel instead of lubricant on the outside of the Honey Pot to help it slide into the body. The gel is alcohol based so the alcohol evaporates fast leaving the insert with a nice tight seal inside the body. We include a bottle of hand sanitizer with every doll shipped.

We currently have three labia types for the inserts. We also have some fun, unusual insert projects coming out very soon. These are the styles we have available now:

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