Accessories Shopping Cart Temporarily Closed

December 4, 2020

Happy holidays everyone! 2020 has been the craziest year for everyone and has created all kinds of situations we never thought we would have to consider. Due to the State and City Covid restrictions implemented in March we have been required to run without staff for the majority of the year. We anticipate this is likely to continue until the Spring given the shocking increase in Covid cases in the USA right now.

Please keep in mind that our products are entirely handmade. Nothing is mechanized; a real human being is making every item. He’s a human being who has put his health on the line working under crazy pressure and not getting enough sleep. At the end of the day, his life is of more value than dolls, dicks or feet. In order for us to continue into the future and get staffed back up again next year he needs to be well and clear-headed because without him no one gets anything. It’s easy to get upset looking at a computer screen while living in the world of Amazon where mass-produced stuff arrives in a few days. We are not that. We are two humans doing our best in the one unifying time on earth when EVERYONE is impacted by the same virus and doing their best during unprecedented times.

Due to the fact that we do not have help and we have a big backlog, we are temporarily suspending sales of accessory items to give ourselves time to catch up. Going from 5 people to 1 is incredibly difficult but, given the worldwide nature of this thing, we know that you will be understanding as we pick ourselves up and continue business as best we can.

We understand that the delays may be disappointing but please do understand that we are working as much and as fast as humanly possible. By stopping sales at the busiest time of the year we hope you can see that we are taking whatever necessary steps to get caught up on existing orders.

We appreciate your patronage, understanding and support.

Wishing everyone the best possible holidays and a year of recovery and good health in 2021.

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