The Doll People

When you order a product from Sinthetics you’re ordering a one-of-a-kind item which is handmade to order. We do not keep stock and every item is individually made with care by real people. We have no production line, no robots, no machines. This is not a factory but rather an artists’ studio where you’re receiving individual boutique attention to your item. We have long production times because we work in traditional, low-tech techniques to bring you something truly special.


0535_IMG_4203Owners: The Sinthetics Brand is produced by LHI Arts & Entertainment in Los Angeles. LHI is owned by Matt Krivicke & Bronwen Keller & our silent partner. Matt and Bronwen have been working in the silicone doll industry for approximately 10 years. They are a married couple, committed to making beautiful products and bringing happiness to their clients.

Sculpture, Development, Production: Matt currently does the sculpting, development and most doll finishing for Sinthetics. He is a trained commercial artist with a long background in manufacturing, development, design, licensing and production. He graduated top of his class from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1993 then moved to San Diego where he helped develop a sculpting studio for a costume company. After that he moved on to another Halloween company where he did primarily original designs and licensed product including projects for Lord of the Rings, Power Rangers, Lucas Films and other big names. He was beginning to feel burned out after 13 years in Halloween so he began to work on freelance toy design which he successfully did for several years along with some work here and there in the doll industry. In 2006 he entered the doll industry full time which brought his toy design to a halt. In 2008 he started his own doll company which was closed in late 2010. It was perfect timing for Sinthetics who needed a sculptor with specialized experience to create the Josie doll. Matt also does much of the photography for Sinthetics.

Body 1A shaping

A friend asked “I’d still like to know what drives him to keep creating though, as burnout due to many reasons is very easy in that profession.”
Even though burn-out is a potentially serious downside of any creative industry, the rewards far outweigh the negatives. The most difficult thing is continually trying to find new sources of inspiration to keep pushing the art and industry forward, and to keep the day-to-day processes as exciting as possible. At the end of the day, being part of a team whose shared vision is excellence is the most rewarding because it allows us all to keep pushing ourselves to our maximum potential where “good” is just not good enough.

Make-up, Styling, PR & Customer Service: Bronwen is the company make-up artist, doll stylist, and primary customer service/PR rep. If you have questions about a doll or accessory item you have ordered, chances are you’re working with Bronwen on it. Her background is in fashion and design. She has studied architecture, fine arts, interior design, environmental design and theatrical design at various schools including the School of Visual Arts in NYC, San Diego State University and the NewSchool of Architecture in San Diego.

Parts & Assembly: Robert has been with Sinthetics for over 3 years. He has streamlined our doll skeleton production and created reliable systems for assembling the skeletons, creating the internal foam cores, and pouring the dolls. Robert has a background in Theater and a fascination with creating realistic replicas from paper. It was his paper satellite that landed him the job.

Silicone tech: Steve had first started with us back in 2013. He is currently our all-around shop support with special focus on trimming, patching, and doing fingernails and toenails. He has a lot of patience and attention to detail. Steve has a background in special effects.

Silicone painter: Skyler is Matt’s back-up for painting. Skyler paints most of the penises and feet that go through our studio. He is a professional silicone painter and a fine artist.

Hair artist: Kelsey is our hair specialist. She is a trained hair artist who spends extended hours punching hairs individually into any products that need it. She has developed skill in knowing the right type of hair to use to get the desired result and has the patience to work for days on the same product inserting hairs one by one. She is trained as a hair specialist for special effects.

4 thoughts on “The Doll People

  1. Dee Simon

    Dear Matt and Bronwen,

    I saw one of your Sinthetic dolls this weekend at The Dirty Show art exhibit in Downtown Los Angeles. I must say I was rather impressed. I’m the host and producer of a popular podcast and would love to chat with you about your company. It would be a brief 20 minute interview over the phone or via Skype. Email me at and I’ll fill you in on the details.


    Dee Simon

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Hi Dee, Matt is looking forward to doing the podcast interview! We’re glad you liked Monique at the Dirty Show. 😀

  2. Kitt

    I just thought I’d write in to say Matt is a genius at sculpting. I may be wrong but he is THE Matt Krivicke? If so You know good looking men. RealDoll is completely clueless, when it comes to men theirs looks like well I’ll just say “blah.” I know that The Adam doll is the most desired by women. Anyway congratulations.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Yes, Matt Krivicke is our sculptor and we’re very happy to have him. Thanks for the compliments!

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