Sinthetics Studio

The Sinthetics studio is located a few miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. We are a fairly small artisan shop, currently with 4 full time employees, several part timers, and a selection of specialists who do contract work for us. Visitors interested in purchasing a doll or picking up product are welcomed to our studio by appointment; we strongly believe that seeing the dolls in person is the only real way to know what you are getting. Even though we never digitally manipulate the images we publish, nothing can really compare to the up-close in-person experience of meeting a Sinthetic.

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People who are truly interested in purchasing can contact us to arrange a viewing time which includes viewing the workshop, how production is done, who the people are working on the products and how the products look and feel when complete. We are able to host afternoons and evenings, and will consider opening on weekends if necessary. Because we are working artists, we do screen appointment clients to be sure that there is real interest rather than simple curiosity. We take great pride in our work, and also in meeting new people, so prepare for a 2-hour visit and understand that because we make a large time commitment at no charge, we do need to make sure the visitor is legitimately interested. We also encourage people to visit the other local doll manufacturers to get the most out of your experience.

We host an open house one day during the summer. The open house is a visitors’ day when a large group of doll enthusiasts can come to see our facility. We offer instruction on doll maintenance, care and posing and we are available to answer most questions. It’s also a good opportunity to enjoy some beverages and chef-created snacks, and meet with like-minded people and the entire Sinthetics staff. Contact us for more information or to RSVP.

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Thanks to Elizabeth Raab for some of the photos above.

Because Sinthetics has grown so meteorically in the past couple of years, our studio is jam-packed with people, molds, sets, props and dolls in production. We do not have a showroom at the moment but we usually have studio dolls of each body type and most of the heads available for you to see and feel. Many of the photos on our website are shot in our private on-site studio. All sculpting, mold-making, prototyping, assembly, manufacturing and finishing of the dolls happens on site. Visitors are able to see much of this work while here. Our skilled team receives regular training updates and we encourage them to pursue their creative exploits outside of work. Our team includes skilled artisans, mold-makers, performers, furniture and mechanical toy hobbyists, a puppeteer, and a group of overall talented and committed people who love what they do. Just is not just a 9 – 5 job for the team members at Sinthetics, and for that we are grateful!