Sinthetics has been fortunate to be involved with several fun media projects, and we look forward to doing more.

If you are a media outlet and you would like an interview or to publish information/pictures from our site, please contact for consent. We are happy to provide high resolution pictures by request depending on the venue in which they’ll be shown. Any information provided for publication MUST include our logo and information about our brand. When you email please include your name, your publication, the focus of your piece and what you would like from us.

Studio visits: We no longer welcome media at no cost. If you wish to come here to interview or film our studio we have a minimum fee and some requirements that need to be met. Please be respectful of our time because this is a working studio. When requesting time with us please give us detailed information about the type of publication you work for, the demographics you reach, how much time you expect to need, and what you would want from us. We carefully select media outlets to protect our brand.

Silicone dolls: We have discovered that there is significant confusion about what to call the products we make. They are silicone dolls, they are not “real dolls“. We understand that the first brand to make these products is very well known and has becomes synonymous with this kind of product but the brand name is owned by another company. It is NOT okay to use the brand name to discuss all silicone dolls. This is a specific, legal distinction. Our silicone dolls are called Sinthetics and we will enforce this correction as necessary.

Rentals: Very rarely we will agree to rent a studio doll for filming purposes. There is a rental fee which includes the assistance of one of our representatives. We do not allow our dolls to be used for a rental without one of our employees on site with the doll at all times. Renters must carry insurance.

CLICK HERE to see a list of the places Sinthetics has been mentioned or headlined. You can also keep an eye on our blogs, forum and our home page for upcoming events and locations where Sinthetics can be seen in person.

Photo below: Monique from The Dirty Show in LA, June 2011.

5 thoughts on “Media

  1. Bertil

    Hi, how much would Alicia in the viewbook pics cost and can you send her to the uk ( London , England ?)
    Thanks and great work btw.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      The standard dolls are $5,500 plus whatever upgrades you may select. All the dolls in the informal Viewbook galleries are different so they could be different prices. Please view the formal galleries on our site to see specifics. Under each photo set there is a link that adds all the finish options shown to your cart. You can then modify as you please. Shipping to London is certainly possible. Please email with your city and postal code for specific rates.

  2. Arturo macosay Gutiérrez

    Agradecería enviarme costos y forma de envío a México, cp 29960 de un male Doll, gracias

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