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At Sinthetics we are willing and able to do almost any customizations you can imagine. This page exhibits several custom projects we have completed. Many of the options shown here can be included in new orders either at no cost or for nominal fees.


Terms for custom orders: For a custom doll we can do a similar face or body but not an exact likeness without the consent of the model. In the case of a licensed character, such as a cartoon or movie character we cannot do an exact likeness without consent of the license holder. In most cases achieving that license is prohibitively expensive, or simply impossible to get for adult dolls. Custom projects have long, flexible lead times. We will not rush a project because we always strive for the best possible outcome. After discussing a project with our team, if a direction is approved the order is started with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once the item is finished in clay, 1 round of revisions is available at no additional cost. That said, we do not present an item to the client until we feel it is right. 25% is then due when the project is approved to go to mold making. As soon as the mold is complete the remaining balance is due before we pour silicone.


Please Note: Ordering custom products requires a fair amount of vision on the buyer’s part. We offer advice and recommendations and education along the way, but always remember the item in clay does not look the same as the item in silicone. Clay is dark and opaque, silicone is fleshy and translucent.


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Pricing for custom orders vary on complexity of the order and whether or not we can resell the item. In most cases, if we feel we can recoup development costs we will share those costs with the client. In instances where we cannot resell the item, or do not think it will sell well enough to recover our expenses, the original buyer has to pay 100% of the fees. In the case of a new standard body with existing skeleton, the cost is $50,000. If we can resell the body in our standard line, we share that expense so the price drops to $25,000 which includes 1 silicone doll from the new molds. A new head including skull system is $8,000. In most cases if we can resell the item the cost will be split with us resulting in a price of $4,000 .The pricing described here assumes we can use our existing skeleton parts, unmodified, and our typical production techniques. If the build is such that a new skeleton would need to be designed or special production techniques be developed costs could be much higher.

Sharing projects: We know that the costs are very high for custom projects. If you can form a group of people who all agree on the desired finished product we are happy to work with the group. Keep in mind you should have all your specifics agreed to up front because only 1 round of revisions is included with large projects (heads and bodies). Sharing the costs for the sculpting and mold-making does not mean you have to share the products that come from the mold. Each person would get their own finished version completed to their individual specifications.

Limits to what we can do: Limits are very broad but will come into play when material limitations, physics, time/costs and practicality come in to play. For example, a 7 foot tall doll is not viable because it would require an entirely new skeletal system and would be too tall and too heavy to move. Equally, a doll representative of someone very fat would not be doable because it’s impossible to maintain desirable softness as well as manageable weight.

Master Doll:
We offer 1 ONE OF A KIND master doll per year for $180,000 base price. The base price includes finishes like upgraded skin details and freckles but does not include upgrades like tan lines, tattoos, scars, scales, body art etc. The master doll can be any adult form you choose. It can be human, humanoid, alien, anthropomorphic, celebrity, wife, etc. The base price includes a custom head and body using standard Sinthetics armature parts, made to your specifications. This doll gets the finishes by Matt Krivicke, with body hair (if any) by Hollywood hair artist Michelle Nyree. The mold is used to make this single doll, then put into storage not to be used for other clients. We retain the molds in case a replacement for you ever has to be made. Mold and copyright belong to Sinthetics. We can do extra special upgrades like tails, scales, wings, horns etc (not included in base price). This doll comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artists. The minimum wait time for a Master Doll is 9 months. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit up front to get started.

Custom teeth:

Fangs, shown here on Willow who also has special horns, cat eyes and a forked tongue. Her fangs were placed on the canine teeth and deliberately kept fairly small.

Bunny teeth are slightly bigger and more protruding front teeth than the standard.

Custom labia:
We have done custom labia for both the built-in and the Honeypot style entries. Here are some examples which are now available as options for any female doll orders.

Custom nipples:

Stretch marks:

People seek to get the most realistic details on their dolls. One client ordered stretch marks on his doll with upgraded skin finishes, freckles, moles, tan lines, custom puffy perky nipples, and beauty marks.

Custom heads:

When we do new heads for our clients, they are almost always likenesses of real people. We cannot do 100% exact replicas, but we can get very close. That said, we can’t tell you who the models are, but feel free to guess! Faces that were done by special request were Alicia, Yuriko, Celeste, Celestine, Eliza, Chloe & Gabriel.

Celeste was not the first Sinthetic sculpted as a custom order, but she’s one of our most popular faces.

Aged versions of existing heads:

Celestine – by special order we modified Celeste to look like she’s in her early 50s by adding small wrinkles to her face.

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  1. Meschler

    There are some realy interesting options you offer here 😀 I am realy looking forward what you will bring us in the future.

    One question: will we get two new faces soon? You mentioned the names of Eliza and Chloe which I didnt remember to hear before.

    Who are they?

    Keep up the great work,

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Eliza and Chloe are two new faces. Eliza will be released as soon as she’s shipped to the person who had her custom done. Chloe is almost finished, we just need time to get her molded. There are actually 2 other female faces right behind those as well.

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