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This document includes detailed information on how to use, enjoy and care for your Sinthetic and other Sinthetics products. Deviating from specified directions can void your warranty. We have provided a translation feature to allow you to read this page in any language.

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Regular Cleaning Clavicles Shoulders
Bathing / Showering Back Hips
Dressing Knees & Elbows Wrists & Ankles
Body Hair Cleaning Fingers Breasts
Storage Positioning the Eyes Piercings
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This guide is all about your Sinthetic doll! Please read through it to get to know him or her better, and to ensure many happy years together. Firstly, thanks for bringing a Sinthetic home! This manikin was handmade for you, intended to bring love, fun and warmth to your life. Please make a note of the doll number and specifications somewhere you can access them if you ever need to contact Sinthetics for assistance.

60 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty
Sinthetics provides a 60 day warranty on mechanical failure of the joints caused by factory imperfection or incorrect assembly. If a manikin arrives home with a flaw, we should be notified immediately. If a break or other damage occurred during shipping, an insurance claim will be filed and the manikin will either be repaired or replaced depending on the situation. If a joint breaks due to manufacturer defect, we will conduct a replacement or supply a replacement part at no cost as necessary for up to 60 days after delivery. If there is another flaw or something happens over time, we are happy to help and will stand behind our product. Every warranty case is reviewed individually. Damage caused by improper use or rough handling is not covered by our warranty. Dropping a doll or moving limbs improperly voids the warranty. Please read the online Care Guide prior to using your manikin for information on proper use, maintenance and storage.

Carrying & Moving A Sinthetic
Learning to move and position a Sinthetic Companion takes time and practice. Be patient while learning what works best for you.
A good tool for moving dolls around is a doll stand with wheels, or a chair with wheels such as an office chair. The best way to carry your Sinthetic is the bear-hug or bridal carry depending on your strength and how you are moving the doll. Always avoid tangling hands and feet in bedding or clothes, and protect them from knocking walls and furniture. Covering the hands with nylon stockings can help. A pair of small stockings is included with each doll.

The bear-hug requires you to hold your Sinthetic close to your body, chest to chest. First, position the hands in a protected pose against the body or to the sides. Lift the doll under his or her arms, or around the ribs. Hold firmly against your body to carry.

The bridal carry is how a groom carries his bride over the threshold. First place your Sinthetic’s hands loosely over the chest or stomach. Stand to the side of your doll when she/he is lying down in the face-up position or sitting. Slide one hand around the back and hold under the arms. Use your other hand to hold your doll under the thighs or knees.

Be cautious to avoid over-stretching or damaging the breasts when carrying your Sinthetic. Make sure that the hands are not under the doll when you put her/him down as the fingers can be damaged and do not allow the feet to drag. Please do not pull on the fingers, hands, toes, arms or legs, or throw your doll as a break could occur. Dropping or putting a doll down too hard can also result in damage.

Sinthetics have movement in many more areas than most other jointed dolls. Sinthetics have sectioned cores which results in more range of motion and slightly less weight reduction. It is normal for the joints to be a little tight when a Sinthetic is new, and for them to loosen over time. Sinthetics cannot support their own weight to stand up and do not have locking joints. The range of motion is designed to mimic normal human motion not contortionist abilities. If the doll is resisting a position, do not force it. Breakage of joints or “bones” is possible if dolls are roughly or improperly posed. We recommend using support devices such as wedges, pillows and swings to position and use your doll for best results. We will be adding video to our website shortly to show the safe range of motion, and how to pose your doll.

The following directions specify range and mobility for each joint set. When moving the joints, hold the area as close to the joint as possible. For example, when moving the shoulder, place one hand at the joint above and one hand on the arm just below the joints. Do not try to move the shoulder from the wrist or forearm.

Look at this blog post about the range of motion.

Please note: If a joint feels like it doesn’t want to go where you’re trying to push it, don’t push it! And remember, just because your Sinthetic CAN be put into radical positions doesn’t mean she/he SHOULD be put into radical positions. When in doubt remember this:

Matt: “Doctor, it hurts when I move my arm like this!”
Doctor: “Then don’t move your arm like that!”

The following directions specify range & mobility for each joint set. When moving the joints, hold the area as close to the joint as possible. For example, when moving the shoulder, place one hand at the joint above and one hand on the arm just below the joints. Do not try to move the shoulder from the wrist or forearm. Do not try to spread or open the legs by moving from the ankles. Address each joint individually, moving in one direction with one joint at a time.

You should not attempt compound motions such as straightening and spreading at the same time.

Neck – Sinthetics have side to side tilt as well as forward and back motion. In a 2nd neck joint the head can turn on the axis to “look” over the shoulder. Firm pressure is required to move the neck. Holding the neck in a sort of “choking” hand gesture and tilting in the direction you want to move is most effective. The lower joint tips the head forward or back.

Clavicles – Sinthetics have a movable clavicle that allows for a “shrugging” motion both forward and back and up and down. This typically doesn’t hold because the silicone pushes back to neutral, but you can see the shrug when you have the doll’s arm leaning on something higher than the elbow causing the shoulder to lift. This motion is especially useful when dressing your doll.

Shoulders – The shoulders have a wide range of motion that encompasses lateral, up and down, and forward and back motion. When moved in conjunction with the clavicle, you can push the doll’s arm back to make putting on T-shirts much easier. Arms can be lifted to shoulder height from the front but should not be pushed past shoulder height to the side. If you are lifting the doll’s arm at the shoulder it is best to lift to the front rather than the sides. Always hold close to the joint when moving the shoulders, do not try to move the arm up or down by pushing at the wrist or forearm.

Back – The back joint allows for full articulation. This amazing joint causes the doll’s hips to pivot forward and back, side to side, and allows a “hula” motion. During missionary sex, if the doll is properly positioned, she will “push back” as you push down because of this flexible joint. The back can curve forward for a slouchy look, and can sit with the spine twisted. You can address this joint by firmly holding the hips and moving the body, or when the doll is lying down you can press firmly down at the navel and gently but firmly lift the hips towards you. Pillows can support the doll’s buttocks to maintain this position. Sinthetics can sit up unassisted.

Hips – The hips have a very wide range of motion including an extraordinary ability to spread the legs and push the knees back to the shoulders. We do not recommend pushing the legs too wide apart or pushing back with too much force as this can strain the joints. The legs can be lifted 90° to the front (kneeling, or with legs over your shoulders with the doll’s back on the bed). The thighs can be pushed apart and together but may not hold a position if the weight of the silicone is pressing back to its relaxed posture.

Knees & Elbows – To bend the elbow, hold the area immediately above the elbow in one hand and the area below the elbow with your other hand. Use firm, slow pressure to move the joints. Be aware of the way you are bending the arm to avoid unnatural positions or damaging the joint. Try to feel the structure and bend with the joint rather than forcing it to bend. The elbows, wrists and knees bend in the same ways as humans do with stops so that you can’t bend them into unnatural positions. They also have lateral motion at the joint which allows the limb to twist or rotate. This allows the arm, for instance, to be either palm

Wrists & Ankles – The wrists can pivot to have the hand up or down or anywhere in between, and they also can bend up and down. They are sufficiently strong that the dolls can hold items such as apples or a glass of wine when the doll has finger wires. Hold the hand and arm in the same way as described for the elbow. Make sure to hold the hand at the center of the palm and gently flex the joint while your upper hand stabilizes the arm. The ankles have the same range of motion the wrists have; they can pivot up and down and side to side. The feet have a plate inside that reaches just past the instep for stability.

Fingers – Sinthetics have the option to come with or without finger wires. The hands have a 2-part plate in the palm. The one part is a large, flat piece where 4 of the finger wires attach. The second part is a small addition which functions as a thumb plate and allows the hand to make and hold a cupped shape. By holding the hand firmly near the area you want to move, you can bend the wires to look like the bends are at the knuckles.

The breasts of the doll contain a soft gel and are covered with thin silicone skin. To protect the breasts, please do not leave your doll in the face-down position. When you use the doll in face down positions (such as doggy style) use cushions under the chest to reduce the burden and friction. Treat your doll as you would treat a real woman; do not strongly knead the breasts or pull them as this could cause rips or tears. Make sure to turn the head so that the face is not experiencing undue friction on furniture or bedding.

Replacing and positioning the eyes
The position of your Sinthetic’s eyes can greatly change the attitude and appearance of your doll. Take care to keep the eyes in a natural position, both facing the same direction and always make sure to avoid touching or damaging the eyelashes. The eyes are very easy to pose. Simply remove the wig, open the head, put your hand inside the head and use the small adjustment pins to modify the direction your doll is looking.

For the male dolls, slip your hand under the bottom of the silicone at the back of the head and put your hand through the seam in the skull. This is the same way you access the head connection to switch out or tighten the heads.

To remove the eyes, you can very carefully apply a drop of hand sanitizer to the inside of the eye socket with a cotton swab. Wiggle the eye in the socket a little from the inside to distribute the lubricant. This will lubricate the eyeball for easier removal. Gently but firmly pull the eye out of the socket using the peg at the back of the eyeball.

To put new eyes in, lightly lubricate the eyeball with a tiny drop of hand sanitizer, then simply push the eyeball into the socket. You will need to push it a little further in so the eye bulges slightly to make sure the eye is completely in. Release to a natural look, position as desired, then close the head and replace the wig.

Female Genitalia

If you have ordered a female Sinthetic with removable insert, you may request a free replacement insert annually (every 13th month) for the life of the doll. This service transfers with the doll to future owners if you ever sell her. If you ever have questions you can visit our FAQ for detailed information, or call or email us. With normal care and use you can expect years of enjoyment from your Sinthetic companion.

NOTE: In 2017 we started using inserts for both the removable and built-in options. If you have a built-in vagina from 2017 or later you can easily change the insert if necessary and just lightly adhere the labia back to the body. Contact us for information.

You must use plenty of WATER BASED lubricant with your doll. Insufficient lubricant will result in friction damage to the silicone and tearing. DO NOT USE SILICONE LUBRICANT OR OILS.

Click HERE to learn how to properly insert a new Honey Pot to minimize damage and tearing.

Male Attachments
The best way to insert the Honey Pot or insertable Penis Attachments is by using a very small amount of alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel. Put a small blob of gel on the end of the attachment and smooth it around. Slide the insert into place with firm gentle pressure. Allow the sanitizer to evaporate completely before use. The insert will “stick” in place so it doesn’t move around or bunch during use.

To remove the penis attachment, apply small amount of hand sanitizer gel to the ball inside the body. Wiggle around to distribute. Grip the attachment firmly right a at the base against the body and gently but firmly wiggle the To insert a new attachment, apply a attachment out small amount of hand sanitizer gel to the ball and pop into place.

You must use plenty of WATER BASED lubricant with your doll. Insufficient lubricant will result in friction damage to the silicone and tearing. DO NOT USE SILICONE LUBRICANT OR OILS.

Regular Cleaning
For your Sinthetic’s built-in entries, use the provided cleaning kit or a standard douche ball with hot water and antimicrobial soap to flush your doll out. Dish soap often has a pleasant scent and works very well for cleaning. Flush thoroughly until completely clean. The doll must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Make sure to dry the inside of your doll as well as possible either by letting her/him drip-dry from a hanging position or by using an absorbent cloth wrapped around a narrow long object such as a ½” dowel rod

Inserts must be cleaned after each use and washed thoroughly under hot running water with antibacterial soap. The silicone is able to sustain very high temperatures and can even be washed in your dishwasher. After allowing the insert to dry completely, replace it in your doll using hand sanitizer gel to help it slide into place. Take care to always dry the inside of the insert thoroughly either by letting it drip-dry or by drying with an absorbent cloth wrapped around a narrow long object such as a ½” dowel rod. The insert can be heated with hot water prior to use. Click HERE to learn how to properly insert a new Honey Pot to minimize damage and tearing.

Bathing / Showering

When your Sinthetic needs to be cleaned, bathe gently using body soap or mild detergent with a soft cloth or sponge and warm water. Nipples, pubic area and face should never be vigorously rubbed. Rubbing the colored areas of your doll very hard or using harsh chemicals such as acetone or alcohol will damage the tints. Excessive friction can also break body hair off. Always handle your doll with care.

You can bathe your doll in the bath but water should not be deep enough to get into the neck bolt area. If you clean your doll in the shower, make sure to remove the head and wig before washing. Cover the head attachment & neck bolt area with a plastic bag or shower cap with a rubber band to keep water out.

After washing and drying your doll, you can use fine talc, body powder, baby powder or corn starch to soften the skin. The powder should be patted on with a lint-free powder puff not wiped onto the doll. The face should not be powdered. Powdering your doll can reduce static but is not a necessary step as Sinthetics are sealed with a proprietary non-shine finish. If you are having a problem with static electricity, products such as Static Guard Spray in the laundry aisle at your grocery store can be very useful.

Body hair cleaning
The body hair on your doll is hand applied by individually punching each strand. This creates a very realistic appearance but the hairs are fine and must be cleaned carefully. Rough scrubbing or friction can break the hairs off. It is best to rinse the area with running water rather than rubbing with a cloth or sponge.

We highly recommend that you hand wash lingerie and dark outfits prior to dressing your Sinthetic as dyes can sometimes stain silicone. Once you have determined that an outfit fits, you should remove the tags and wash everything before use as a matter of habit.

How To Dress Your Sinthetic
Having your doll hanging on a stand makes dressing considerably easier. Stretch fabrics are always preferable for dolls! They will make your life much easier. Whenever possible, use clothing with wide necks, buttons, zipper or other fasteners for easy dressing. In most cases it is easiest to dress dolls from the feet up. We do not advise that you put very tight clothing (tight jeans) or bras with under wires or boning on your doll as these items can leave temporary impressions in the silicone. If you are using boned clothing, you can often remove the wires easily from the inside of the outfit.

Always take care to avoid bending or pulling the fingers during dressing. Remember to put nylon stockings over the hands to avoid damaging the fingers and to ease dressing. A pair of these stockings was included with your doll from the studio. Take your time when dressing your doll.

For ease of dressing and to protect the silicone, we recommend putting thigh-high stockings on your doll. The stockings help clothing slide on easily. If you use thigh-high stockings you can pull them off when you are finished dressing your doll. We include a pair of knee-high stockings with your doll to cover the hands when dressing. We recommend using these stockings when your doll is in bed as well to avoid the fingers catching in bedding.

To put on a sweater or T-shirt, if the neckline doesn’t open completely in the front or back but is wide enough or has enough stretch it is always best to pull the clothing on from the feet up. If you must pull the top on over the neck, it is best to remove the head before putting the item over one hand first, then stretching over the neck, and finally putting the other hand into the garment. This is easiest with the doll’s arms bent at the elbows, close to her/his body with hands up by the shoulders.

For shirts or jackets that open down the front, pull the doll’s arms gently behind the back, putting the hands close together with the arms straight. Put the sleeves over the hands first, taking care of the fingers, then pull up the arms evenly until the garment is properly in place.

To put on underwear, pants or skirt, it is easiest to straighten the doll’s legs, and slide the clothes up slowly. Stockings or pantyhose make putting on pants much easier. To put on stockings or pants, scrunch the garment down so that you are holding the waist band and the foot hole in one hand. Push the foot gently through the hole and slide up to the ankle. Repeat on the other side. Gradually work the garment up the legs. If necessary, squeeze your doll’s knees together to ease sliding the clothes up.

Sinthetics are made of very durable material but should still be handled with care and respect. Optimal storage for your Sinthetic is to keep the doll hanging by the provided hook. Custom stands are available for purchase. If you are unable to keep your doll suspended he or she can be stored seated or lying down on a soft, well supported surface. If you opt to store your doll seated or lying down you should reposition him or her to avoid possible creasing or flat spots on the silicone. You should not store your doll lying on its side or put pressure on the doll from the sides. Always avoid pressure on the eyelashes as they are the most delicate part of your doll. Use the goggles that were included when your doll left our studio.

Although it is easy to store a Sinthetic discretely, we hope you will choose to display your companion as art in your home. Sinthetics can bring life to a room and are fun to move around and pose differently. These are unique art pieces and we hope you enjoy yours as such.

Piercings and Body Art
It is easy to pierce your silicone companion, but keep in mind that the hole is permanent and will be a weak spot for the life of the doll. It is best to pierce thicker areas such as ear lobes or belly buttons with a straight bar piercing (rather than curved or hook jewelry). If you put earrings in your doll you should not try to put the earring butterfly backs on as they can indent and damage the earlobes.
You can also use temporary tattoos on your Sinthetic. Store-bought tattoos will last from a few days to a few weeks depending on quality and where you position it. You can also try to paint on tattoos with alcohol-based paint such as Skin Illustrator.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the proper care, use or maintenance of your Sinthetic.


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