Sinthetics is an artisan doll company based in Southern California. Our life size, fully articulated, anatomically correct sculptures bring special flair, realism and attention to detail you wont find anywhere else. Each of our items is individually made by hand; we are not a factory or a manufacturer. This is an artisan studio where we make every item, no matter how small, with care and personal attention. Each of our items is handmade to order, not pulled from existing stock.

Please feel free to contact us by email for more information on our products or with special requests, comments and suggestions. We allow visits to our facility by appointment for people picking up product or for those interested in purchasing a doll. You can keep up with our products and news by following our blog.

Sinthetics was launched with our debut on “Married to Rock” on E! TV with the Josie Stevens likeness manikin in November 2010. Although Josie Doll is a one-of-a-kind that cannot be replicated, Sinthetics are available for purchase in a large variety of looks. We can make your silicone dreams come true!

Why do we call Sinthetics manikins not love dolls?
It is our experience that the term “doll” can give a limiting context to these pieces of art. We are proud of the beautiful, hand crafted items we produce and want them to be appreciated as multi-functional rather than simply pigeon-holing them into the easy go-to connotation of the word “sexdoll”. We view our products as usable art, and our clients as art collectors.

Our Mission Statement:
Sinthetics are each individually handmade by our talented team of professionals. You can feel confident knowing that all Sinthetics products have to pass rigorous inspections to meet our expectations of quality. Sinthetics will never become a mass-manufacturer of dolls; if we find that the production needs get too large we will lock down sales until such time as the production is back at a manageable level. If you see that we have temporarily locked sales on a certain body or item it is done so that we can maintain the utmost quality and perfection rather than getting too big to give individual attention.

When purchasing through Sinthetics you can feel confident that you will be treated as a member of our family. You will receive unmatched personalized attention and a beautiful  handmade silicone companion for your home.

Starting with models, scans and life reference:
One of the things Sinthetics are really known for is their lifelike appearance. This is because our talented sculptor always works from life reference. Sometimes that means using a digital scan to start the process. Here is his explanation about using technology and digital information to get going.
In response to a statement that using digital scans must mean less sculpting is necessary –

“To address your assumption that there is a lot less sculpting involved, you could not be more wrong. Celeste, for example, was created with no scans at all. The head was created completely from my hands using clay and pictures of a model that a customer asked me to use for inspiration.

Several of the heads I have made in the past have been created without the use of scanning technology and even if a scan is used, I will typically still spend many hours of sculpting to find the personality or adding all of the fine details that you see in our dolls. The laser scanning does not create a body or face ready to mold and go straight into production, it is simply another tool for a sculptor to use. It is a costly yet productive way to get the basic proportions but you can give the same material to different sculptors and the outcome would differ drastically.

Even starting with scan data as we did for bodies 1 and 2 there was an immense amount of raw or organic sculpting that went into the creation of those bodies. I lengthened legs, reshaped abdomens, hips and ass. I totally resculpted the breasts and repositioned the arms a couple of times before I was satisfied.

Do not be fooled into thinking that by using computers or scans there is somehow less creativity or skill that goes into the creation of the artwork. I know many artists who say they will never or have never used digital means to create anything but it is my opinion that it is foolish to ignore technology. Also many of them simply lie to build up a facade or to protect an ego. For example, there is a gallery artist I have seen who has wonderful large and small scale pieces on display. His reps say he never uses scanning to create his works, even though his large representations are unbelievably close to his miniature versions. They refer to him as a “master sculptor” and say it is with his talent alone that he creates every piece. That is all well and good but funny thing is, I later learned that he uses a scanning facility that digitally scans his maquettes to enlarge his sculptures into monumental sizes. I found this out by happenstance in a conversation after seeing his work. In my mind he is still a brilliant sculptor and I find his work inspiring, but I find it unappealing that someone would lie rather than talk truthfully about technique as if it somehow diminishes their ability. It takes both talent and creativity to find new ways to integrate technology to redefine what can be done and continually raise the bar.

So fear not, my hands and heart go into every piece that comes out of our studio. From the sculpting development to the final delivered piece. It is the mission of Sinthetics to maintain the highest standards of quality and creativity and I have been charged with upholding those standards. There will never be a day that my hands are not directly involved with every piece that goes out the door. Even though we have grown and will hopefully continue to grow, we will never be a manufacturing plant pumping out dolls using the lowest paid employees we can hire to make “the product”. We view our work as ART above all and we will make sure that anyone working with us will share that same vision.”

Here are some pictures that show what we get back from a scan and a few of the steps it takes to get from a foam output to a finished sculpture