SOLD 1H & 2D

June 22, 2013


Bad luck for us! Good luck for you. (More photos to be added shortly)

We have a body 1H and a 2D available for immediate purchase. Both have similar types of flaws from the molding process – they are slight free-form shaped indentations on the surface of the skin. These flaws are permanent but will possibly be less visible after sealing. The impressions do not feel very obvious, they are just visible as shadows more than anything. The little flakes of silicone are just bits from trimming – these are not imperfections.

Cream 1H with insert and no internal modifications/upgrades has 2 freeform impressions over the upper chest; 3 impressions across the collar bone about 1″, 2″ and 3.5″ in size, and a 3 inch to 4″ area on upper-left front of neck. Extremely minor on the fronts of the thighs, most likely invisible at completion.

Front small Back small1H chestFront detail small1H thigh

Dolce 2D with insert and no internal modifications/upgrades impressions: very slight impression on front of left thigh crossing slightly around to the back of the thigh on the outside. Photo enhanced to show it worse than it appears in person. and 40-50% of the left thigh; An area about the size of an open hand, covering an area on the right back-hip, very minor on the left shoulder and arm on the back.

Front smallBack small1H chest22D backBack detail small2D ThighThigh detail small

Finish time for either body is about 6 weeks with any head and upgrade/standard finishes of your choice. These are available on a first come first served basis. The orders can be added through the shopping cart and price will be adjusted manually. Payment is due in full at the time of ordering. These dolls still have the standard 60 day mechanical warranty. We would like these to go quickly to clear space in our studio so each one is for $4,500 with head plus shipping and any additional upgrades. Please email with any questions.

2 thoughts on “SOLD 1H & 2D

  1. Davecat

    ARGH, I’d love to have that Cream 1H body but I’m only a third of the way there monetarily. Ah well, someone else will enjoy her, I’m sure! Meanwhile, I’m continuing to save up…


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